Unique Showerhead Flips from Rainfall to Waterfall Style Easily

The Aquavolo showerhead from Italy’s Bossini gives you the option to choose between either a waterfall style shower or a rain shower. You just flip the stylish stainless steel shower fixture up or down to switch between the two. Great for the household that can’t decide exactly what they want or if you simply want to mix up your shower styles day in and day out.

UPDATE: Thanks to an astute commenter, we’ve found this for sale in the US as: Jaclo 1728BSS Brushed Stainless Steel Bathroom Faucets Waterfall Or Drenching Stainless Steel Shower Head. The price is, let’s just call it “premium”.

37 thoughts on “Unique Showerhead Flips from Rainfall to Waterfall Style Easily

  1. Waste of Water ? Are you kidding me ? Sounds Wonderful. How is this waste of water ? I pump it out of my front yard, soften it, heat it upith natural gas that I PAY FOR, let it pour over me and ENJOY GOD’S CREATION, and dump it into my back yard. No waste. Water CAN’T be wasted. It’s always reused. The water cycle. Remember 5th grade ?

  2. I think Joe is right…..All the water that is here now is the same amount that has always been here and always will. It just goes from one place on earth to another. You greenies are nuts.

  3. Saving relatively small amounts of water and energy through shower adjustments isn’t going to make any real difference to the planet as a whole.

    Since no progress has been made between world government I would face up to the fact this is most likely a long lost battle and just enjoy the fact it is a well designed and clever shower.

  4. Yes, Joe, you are correct. It’s these dumbass liberals that you gotta watch out for who are too concerned about “wasting water” and “saving the environment” rather than focusing on the important issues in the world today. I also agree with David too. Even if you were to “save water” it would make so little of a difference that it’s not even worth your time.

    As for the showerhead, I think its awesome because I love the rain for some reason.

    1. oh yeah forget the environment, we should focus on real issues like the world we live in… OOOOPS. my bad. also you are anti-positive change by saying something like “Even if you were to “save water” it would make so little of a difference that it’s not even worth your time.”

  5. “Save the environment”.. HAH! Only liberal pussies need “environment”! Can you buy a fur suit with “environment”? I DONT THINK SO! Only thing i need is MONEY and my WATERFALL SHOWER! FUCK YEAH AMERICA!

  6. Yes that uses a lot of water in the waterfall mode. But seriously, how long would you have it in that setting and how many people will actually use that shower.

    Also, many showers with shower heads like this, have a water recycling feature.

    The cost…. I would guess at least $300 for the head alone

    Oh and all the hippies that don’t shower will make up for it. LOL!!!

  7. maybe if people like Joe and Micheal would pull their heads out of their asses and actually learn something instead of getting their political philosiphies out of cracker jack boxes then they would realize the value in fresh, clean water.
    If water is water Joe, then my piss is water too Joe, you want a big drink of it Joe?
    I bet you 2 fucks worship on the palin alter too..

    1. You’re right. Urine IS water, and it’s a safe bet that every drop of “clean” water you have ever drank has been a part of urine at some point. Do you think that when you pee and flush it just goes into limbo or a giant holding tank for piss? No, it goes through the sewer to a waste treatment plant, where the parts we don’t want to drink are taken out, then the water is, quite often, sent right back to you for drinking or whatever else you want to do with it. Septic tanks and leech fields work in a similar way, except that the water gets back to you via Mother Nature instead of a pipe.

  8. I am soooooo very fed up with the eco terrorists and their false prophets of doom that use false science to attempt to prove “global warming” and then when called to the carpet on it call it “climate change” instead.

    Such bullcrap.

    I purposely take 40 minute scalding hot showers just to chap the asses of you tofu eating, hemp wearing, hybrid driving false prophets.

  9. This shower head kicks butt. I wish I could have one. Unfortunately I rent an apartment, so I’m out of luck.

    —— hippy issues ——

    I believe in Air Pollution, and lean towards belief in global warming (mainly because fixing air pollution would theoretically fix global warming at the same time).

    However… The only places that need to be concerned about “conserving water” are the ones that barely get any water to begin with. Like Arizona, or other places located in a freaking desert. Anyone near the Great Lakes may as well punch people in the face for talking about conserving water. They have all the water they need up there. It just takes a little filtering to make it pass federal standards.

    So in my opinion, water conservation is only a concern to those people in bad locations.

  10. uhhh…hello the same amount of water comes out either way retards it’s just a little metal box with holes in it and when you put the box over the “waterfall” hole it just come out through the box- and i’m a liberal yet i understand that a lot of the tree huggers are retards look at science not psuedo science 🙂 conservatives are way off base on WAY more issues so i label myself as such

  11. Idiot it doesn’t have to be the same amount of water….it might be but it doesn’t. If you put something over the tap and block it while it’s open it won’t make it blow up…same thing with that…less water might be going in one way than the other… also this is fresh water… a lot of people in the world don’t have fresh water you dickheaded idiots…. in some countries they get water for 4 hours of the day then it’s off for the rest of the time… so yes water is precious you retards… not saying i save water and dont waste it on stupid things, but i dont make assumptions that everyone has water and it’s ok to just use it…. and that “grade 5 cycle” guy needs to go back to grade 5 and learn some more about water………

  12. “Ya you’re an idiot” is right. This waterfull just changes the way the water comes out. It doesn’t use any more.

    It’s like putting a spread attachment on a garden hose. It’ll still use the same amount of water, it just comes out differently. Just because it’s lots of little streams rather than one big one doesn’t mean it uses less water.

    Stupid StumbleUpon, making me find this…

  13. Maybe the “Waterfall” feature can fill your bathtub all fancy like. So you can enjoy your candles and aroma therapy.

  14. I think that if people came to realize that it is impossible for the half of the population on the other side of the political divide to be absolute foaming at the mouth idiots, the world would be a much better place.
    As for the showerhead…yeah its ok. The waterfall feature might feel good sometimes, but you can get that effect with a lot of showerheads. I have a piece of crap one and all you have to do is loosen a little wing nut and voila. From tiny streams to one big one.

  15. There is such a thing as wasting CLEAN water. When you USE water, things get PUT into water. Like flushing the toilet, that water is wasted, not because of the faecal matter, but because of the pharmaceuticals that you are flushing down with your urine. This can be very hard to take out, and uses a lot of resources. Putting detergents and chemicals into water isn’t good either, think about watering your garden with that water… Wasting CHEAP water is also a problem also. People are fighting over water as we speak. Yes there is the same amount of “water” here as there always has been, but the population keeps going up and up and up. People are fighting over the Colorado River and the Columbia River, cities are pumping water in from hundreds of miles away(Phoenix) . I think that we need to be rational and listen to each other, instead of letting talk show personalities form our opinions for us. And admit when we may be doing something wrong, instead of getting upset and throwing poo like a bunch of primates.

  16. It’s a neat invention don’t turn it into a fuckng political debate. If you think it wastes water then don’t get it, but don’t be a liberal douche and try to tell me what to do with a little extra water

  17. List price on this is about $3,000 (for about $20 of material). Look up “Jaclo 1728BSS faucet” on Amzn.
    It probably uses about as much water as taking a bath would.

    I always get a kick reading the comments. It’s like watching a couple of baby mules fighting for dominance.

  18. The waterfall mode on this doesn’t have to be a waste of water. You could replace the knob that’s usually located on the bottom part of a tub, the one that you usually use to fill up for a bath, for that one. Then I guess you could argue that taking a bath instead of a quick shower is a waste of water, but believing that people will stop taking baths just to save water is unrealistic.

  19. Shopped. I can tell by the pixels. I should know, I’ve seen quite a few shops in my time. …and everyone saying it’s a waste, it’s only a waste for the person who has to pay for the water. It will all make it’s way back to mother nature eventually.

  20. Stupid “Americans” any of us know the amount of resources needed to clean the water? Water don’t magically clean her self, stupid people… think in the rest of the world!!

  21. Even though this is an old post, are you all f&%king retarded?!

    The waterfall mode is using the same amount of water that the rain one does, its not wasting any more water than a normal shower would. Get over yourselves, jeez.

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