McDonald’s French Fries iPhone Case

moschino french fry case
Fact: the best thing from McDonald’s is their french fries. Everything else is just what you eat along with the french fries. Now that we’ve cleared that up, why not make your iPhone look like the best with this case from luxury brand Moschino that inexplicably looks like a box of fries from the Golden Arches. Instead of an M on the box it’s an… well it’s a different type of M, M for Moschino.

Unlike McD’s food, Moschino is known for being a bit pricey. In fact L’Inde Le Palais sells this case for $70. That’s not a Happy Meal, that’s an unhappy wallet. Even the Hamburgler doesn’t have that kind of cash for an iPhone case (probably because only steals burgers and not money- you might want to rethink that career choice, buddy).(via chipchick)