Hydrofloors Pools with Movable Floors

Hydrofloors are only like the coolest thing ever invented. They are specially designed pools with movable floors. When you’re using your pool it’s just like a normal pool. But when you are done swimming or aquacising, you press a button and the pool’s floor slowly raises up while the water slips underneath the floor. Pimpin! Eventually the pool’s floor reaches the top and you are left with a large flat area you can use for recreation, dining, parties or any other dry land event you want.

Another press of the button and the floor sinks back down slowly to reveal your already water-filled pool. You can also stop the floor at any point which means you can make the pool as shallow or deep as you want. Having a kid’s party? Just set it for shallow kiddie pool depth. Be sure to throw a few extra chlorine tablets in the pool cleaning mechanism though, you know how kids are.

38 thoughts on “Hydrofloors Pools with Movable Floors

  1. So, it’s gonna be really awkward when you open up your pool and find a dead body that’s been chilling for a while…

    1. Considering the floor of the pool rises up, then yes.. it WOULD be awkward, seeing as you would have walked around a dead body for some time without noticing it.

  2. Not to start anything with a really cool product but the dead body won’t work because the floor comes up from the bottom, so if you did “drown” you would be on the floor after it raises level with the floor around it.

  3. I like it, but as “that guy” I have to point out all the things that will get into the water you are swimming in that was on the floor.

    1. That’s wy pool water filtration and cleaning systems exist. If anything it’d be like cleaning your floor for you.

  4. Also if the “floor” goes back up everything will be wet. Unless it is hydrophobic. That would be cool. Still the dust and dirt problem.

  5. Well… if you CLEAN the floor BEFORE you use it, floaties in the water won’t really be a problem (just sayin)

  6. crap gets in any pool. actually the dirt and dust on a floor would be a relief compared to the crap the gets in outdoor pools. I’d love to just quick sweep/mop the floor before swimming. better than cleaning a pool

  7. I had one of these installed, and I LOVE it! The people who live in the apartment below me don’t think it’s that great, though.

  8. I would have to have that sound byte play from the legend of zelda games when you open up a secret door

  9. Wouldn’t the floor still be soaking after you brought it up, so you would have to dry mop it loads everytime you bring it up, so it’s not quite as easy as it stated…still extremely cool though.

  10. Way to complicated and costly! Why not just have a sliding cover over the pool, from side to side, made from stainless steel, and there is your floor! water never leaves, just move the top cover over it! Like I assume a lot of rich people have already indoors! This is way to costly and complicated!! Most of you
    ‘renters’, never have to worry about any of this! Just make sure your apt..has a bathtub!

  11. Our local YMCA has had a pool with this for years. They use it to help handicap people in and out.

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