Remote Control Flying Truck

Since we are still waiting for the long-promised flying cars, we’ll have to settle for super fun flying truck toys. The RC Flying Truck is two toys in one. It rolls around like a normal RC truck but get this truck going fast enough and it takes off like a Delorean going 88mph.

The radio remote has both throttle and rudder control for good control and stability in the air. The truck is powered by the remote; put 6 AA batteries in the remote and hook the truck/plane up via wire to the remote to charge it. 20 minutes of charge gives you 5 minutes of driving/flying time.

The truck is made of durable EPP foam, which is strong and lightweight, allowing for the inevitable crash landing. Let’s see the video of this truck in action (flight test starts at 1:10):

That looks pretty fun, actually. Definitely a cool RC toy. Just $29 (less if you buy 3 or more) from Focalprice.

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