Star Wars Hockey Goalie Masks by Bauer

bauer star wars hockey masks
Sometimes you have to be a real Jedi to be a goalie in hockey, making saves at lightning fast speeds, sensing where the puck will be before it gets there. With this new line of Star Wars goalie masks from Bauer you can really be a Force in the net. There are five different Star Wars characters to choose from:
yoda hockey mask
Yoda might be small but he’s definitely extremely quick and very agile, especially for his age. Make the save, you will. Save or save not, there is no penalty.
storm trooper hockey mask
Storm Troopers aren’t known for being the best shot, which is probably why they’re sticking to defense here. They’re used to wearing a lot of padded armor and falling down, so perfect for a hockey goalie I guess. (OK, technically these are Shock Troopers from the Clone Wars, but close enough, right?)
boba fett hockey mask
Boba Fett, for those goalkeepers that want to put a bounty on ice skating goons.
luke skywalker hockey mask
The hero, Luke Skywalker. If there’s anyone who can save the day, or just make a bumbling save, it’s Luke. If you wear this mask, you might start off the first period with a little doubt and uncertainty but by overtime, it’s showtime. Shows Luke in battle on the ice planet of Hoth, appropriately enough.
darth vader hockey mask
There’s always a villain. The Darth Vader goalie mask is ideal for those away games. Hey, the fans are going to boo you anyway, why not both look and play the villain. Very powerful.

Each mask has a Lexan EXL polycarbonate shell, a dual density mechanically attached liner with a cloth sweatband and a carbon steel round wire. Han may have shot first but Yoda made the save. Sweet.