Polaroid Camera Bookends

polaroid bookends
Polaroid stopped making instant cameras sometime last year but the beauty and quirkiness of the Polaroid camera remains in the hearts of many. So if you have a few sitting untouched in your basement or you see a cheap Polaroid at a garage sale or flea market, don’t think that just because the world has moved on to digital film formats that these vintage cameras need to go to the landfill. You can do as one crafty recycling Etsy seller does and make them into Polaroid Camera Bookends. Remember books? Read a book. Save your life. (just a Helping Friendly book tip for ya).

These sweet bookends (or as they will be called in 20 years- Kindlends or Kindle-ends) are each made of a vintage Polaroid Land Camera, real vintage bakelite mah jong tiles, and wooden dominoes for feet. The legs give it a bit of character beyond just an old camera holding your old books from falling down on your new bookshelves. I like it super much tons, too bad it’s all sold out.

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