Backpack with a 3-Pronged Outlet

three prong backpack
Now this seems like a pretty good idea. From the “why hasn’t anyone thought of this before” department comes a Kickstarter for the GoPlug powered bag. The idea is simple- a backpack with a battery pack inside and a 3-pronged outlet to plug ANYTHING in. Other powered bags (and we reviewed a good one here) typically only have a USB plug or similar to charge your gadgets. With this bag you can plug in your laptop! That’s huge.
goplug power bag
Great for travelers. There’s also a pair of USB ports there too. The GoPlug bag has a large capacity 15000mAh battery inside, which is good enough to charge an iPhone up fully 7 times over. The outlet swivels for maximum flexibility too. Now of course the 3rd prong is not going to be grounding your electronics like most “real” 3 prong outlets, but at least you can plug in grounded plugs. Good idea and they plan on making other types of bags with the outlet built-in should this one get fully funded on Kickstarter. (via gizmodo)