Emoji Pillows

emoji pillows
Express yourself…with your home decor. These really cool Emoji Throw Pillows take your favorite emoji (or as they’re more commonly known- smiley’s) and turns them into something you can lay your head upon. Now your couch can say what it’s really feeling. Uh oh, it’s sad, I think that means you need to lose a little weight there big guy. All your favorites are available, from grin, smile, hearts, smirk to wink:
wink emoji pillow
And of course the classic of all classics- poop (somehow I have a feeling that will be the most popular selling one):
poop emoji pillow
Each throw pillow measures about 13 inches across and is filled with polyester fibers and sells for a smidgen under $20. If you couch could text, this is what it would want to say. (via droold)