Book Porcupine is a Unique Bookshelf

book porcupine
The Book Porcupine doesn’t particularly look like a porcupine to me but it still looks like a unique way to store your books. The bookshelf has 18 compartments of various sizes to store your tomes and is supposed to sit next to your chair sort of like an end table that you can’t put anything on top of.

The name is in reference to the Book Porcupine’s silhouette, “the stout legs against the spines of the books sticking out at various angles and degrees”. Ahhh I love designerspeak. Speaking of, the designer of this bookholder is Holly Palmer from the UK and you can order a Book Porcupine from her website for around $1500 in one of four colors. That price is more painful than getting stabbed with a porcupine needle.

Apparently you need to open up a PDF file to learn what those four colors are and I dislike unnecessary PDFs and I’m really indifferent to it anyway, so just use your imagination. Here’s a guess: white, blue, red and rainbow.

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