Womb Sounds Recorder

womb recorder
Pregnancy is an exciting time for mothers-to-be. There’s a natural curiosity about what’s going on with that baby inside your belly. The occasional ultrasound gives you a brief visual peek but what kind of noises is the unborn baby making? Find out and save them with the Mama’s Womb Sound Memory Recorder. This device creates a “sound diary” that no only includes the sounds from inside the womb but also the sounds from outside the womb.
womb recorder in action
Yes, it’s from Japan. It also has six types of womb melodies that it can play (whatever that is). The theory is that you can calm an upset newborn baby by playing back the calming protective sounds they heard just a short time ago when they were in the womb. How effective that actually will be is anyone’s guess. And just what does it sound like inside the womb? I’m guessing like whales under the ocean. It also has slots to insert photos of the baby or your favorite basketball player or whatever.