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Chillaerator Wine Aerator Cooling Rod

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  • Chills wine.
  • Aerates wine.
  • Pours wine.

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Is you wine at a greater than optimal drinking temperature? No need to whine, you need cold wine. The super Chillaerator is zooming in to save the day.

Just place the Chillaerator in the freezer 2+ hours before use. Pour out a bit of wine to make room for the Chillaerator. Insert Chillaerator in the bottle and close tightly. In just minutes your wine is chilled. Tilt and pour right through the Chillaerator.

Unlike other inferior cooling rods, you don’t need to remove the Chillaerator to pour out your wine! Just flip the stopper and you can pour a glass out while the Chillaerator continues to keep the rest of your wine at the perfect temperature.

It’s not just for white wines either! If you have a bottle of red wine outside on a Summer day or in a warm room, it’s going to quickly be above it’s optimal drinking temperature. The Chillaerator can save the day once again. Thanks Chillaerator!

  • Chills wine in minutes.
  • Aerates and pours wine.
  • Keeps white wine chilled for up to an hour.
  • Cools down red wines too!
  • Wash and freeze to reuse.
  • Makes a great gift.
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