Cutting Board That’s Also a Scale

scale cutting board
This is one of the smartest cutting boards we’ve seen because it’s also a digital scale. The GKILO is a regular wooden cutting board with a few tricks up it’s sleeve. Hidden on the side is an integrated LED display that shows the weight of whatever’s on the board. Too heavy? Just cut a bit off. So that’s great for when you’re cooking and chopping up food, but what about when you’re not? Flip the cutting board over and the display has a whole different function:
cutting board scale time
A clock! Yes, we are that excited about a clock. And since we’re in 2014 here, of course it connects wirelessly to your smartphone via a dedicated app. There’s always an app, right? Tell the app what food you’re cutting and it can recommend cooking times, etc. Then use the app to turn the cutting board’s clock into a timer. There’s even a capacitive touch sensor so you can reset the scale and clock right from the cutting board. Future kitchen technology is here today. (via gizmodo)