Metrokane V-Gauge Wine Preserver

vgauge wine pump
Sometimes when you open a bottle of wine, you can’t or don’t want to finish it. If you just put the cork back in the bottle, the air remaining in the bottle will cause the wine to go bad and turn to vinegar in a really short amount of time. The solution is a vacuum pump to remove the air from the bottle and preserve your wine until the next time you’re ready to imbibe in nectar of the gods. The problem with most cheap vacuum pumps is that you never know if you’ve pumped all the air out and whether or not your seal is leaking air back in.

The Metrokane V-Gauge aims to make preserving wine simple by adding a gauge to the cork. Just pump the V-Gauge until the meter goes into the red zone and you know you’ve pumped out enough air to keep your wine fresh. If the needle drops, you can always give it a few more pumps to get the vacuum seal back into the red zone. This is definitely well worth the money after just one or two bottles saved. It comes with both a stainless steel pump and a gauge, and you can buy additional gauges to store multiple bottles of wine at once (you’ll only need one pump though).