Portable Deep Frying Grill

Camping and tailgating and backyard cooking just got deep- deep frying that is. Step up your outdoor cooking game with a Deep Frying Portable Grill. Take it to the next level and do more than just grill- deep fry too. The center reservoir holds 16 ounces of oil to make crispy fries or onion rings or donuts or fried dough or mozzarella sticks or chicken wings or other fried treats (fried oreos ftw). The outer ring is trisected into a grilling section, a flat griddle section and a “keep warm” section for added versatility:

You can even use the center section for sauteing instead of frying (if you want to be laughed at by all the jersey-wearing tough guys tailgating next to you). The frying grill comes with a detachable bamboo cutting board, hooks to hold your bbq tools, push button electronic ignition, an oil thermometer for the deep fryer, and a canister to store and transport the oil. It uses 1 pound propane canisters or larger propane units with an attachment. The whole thing folds down to less than a foot wide and comes in a carrying bag to keep your car clean. The grill costs $249 at Hammacher and yeah, I want one too.