Finnish Grill House

finnish grill house
No backyard is complete without a dedicated 99 square foot outdoor cooking hut with a six sided grill inside. Step up your grilling game with the Finnish Grill House. This cool looking mini-house is made from Finnish pine and has a six-sided charcoal grill as it’s centerpiece just begging for a huge hunk of meat to be placed on it. There’s seating surrounding it for ten adults to enjoy the smoked offerings.
inside grill house
The cooking is done on a central grate, which both swivels and is height adjustable. A chimney clears the smoke out from the hood and double flue. There are LED strips for lighting. The double-glazed windows can open and the roof is shingled so you can enjoy outdoor cooking (or just sitting around a campfire) year round. It even comes with reindeer hides to place on the seats for an authentic experience. All you need to do now is to clear some space in your yard and 25k from your wallet and you’re cooking like a king.

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