Ring Clock

ring clock
Want to have the time right at your fingertips but don’t want to wear a watch? Meet the Ring Clock, a combination of a ring and a watch. So maybe it’s not right at your fingertips but close enough. Designed by Gusztav Szikszai, the stainless steel ring consists of an inner ring that sits against your finger and a pair of outer rings that display the time.
ring clock on finger
When you rotate the top ring, the LED’s light up to display the hours (in 24 hour format) and the minutes. After one minute the LED’s turn off for power savings. It charges up in a unique way too, wirelessly on a futuristic looking base. Just put it on the base and it charges (do it while you’re in the shower since it’s water resistant but not waterproof).
ring clock charger
The battery should be good for 1 week of usage, if you check it 15 times a day. Or one day if you check it 105 times (although maybe you should check yourself if you need to know the time 105 times per day). This crowdsourced project was well over 100% funded and thus made it into production. You can pre-order now for $250 for delivery this Summer. (via iihih)