Canvas is Half Painting, Half Chair

canvas chair
If you think this painting of a chair looks good enough to sit on, you’re in luck because you actually can do just that. The Canvas (designed by YOY) is made to look like a canvas painting but work like a chair. It’s made from a wood frame covered by an elastic fabric. The elastic fabric stretches out so you can sit yourself right in the painting. Bet you can’t do that with the Night Watch (trust me, I tried and am now banned from most major museums).
canvas chair in use
It’s probably ok to sit on the arms of this one. An image of an armchair is printed right on the fabric. The result is a highly portable seating option that you can easily stow away when not in use. A chair that looks like a work of art. It’s also available in sofa form:
canvas couch
It’s like a spare couch you can store behind your couch, or hang on your wall. You might have to explain how to use it to your guests though. Measures 59″ H x 43.3″ W for the armchair and 51.2″ H x 74.8″ W for the sofa.

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