Spinning Gear Ring

Kinekt Design has created these really neat spinning gear rings that actually turn. These $165 rings are made of matte surgical stainless steel and contain six micro-precision gears inside that spin the outer rims of the ring around. If you’re one of those people that just can’t stop fidgeting with your ring this is either the best or worst ring you could buy, depending upon your perspective. One way or the other, it’s very unique. Here’s a video of it in action:


9 thoughts on “Spinning Gear Ring

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  2. That’s a pretty cool ring. My fiancee wanted his from Tungstenworld.com, and he loves it. I wonder if they will ever carry something like this. I bet they will!

      1. WOW. Way to go, this person was just posting their opinion and a short story, not even being negative about it, no advertising or spamming with a valid URL at all. You just had to be a jerk. I commend you! ^_^ Thank you for being a friendly website administrator~

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