This is Not the Red Ring of Death

While the X-Box red ring of death might be every gamer’s worst nightmare, this red ring is much more positive. Because it’s an actual power ring. Designed and produced by shinyLines, a girl geek created line of geekwear and geek jewelry, the ring features the ubiquitous power symbol. Made of artisan hand-finished rhodium plated cast .925 solid sterling silver, the $39.99 comes in either brushed matte or glossy shine finish.

The power symbol itself has a translucent color that reflects and shimmers in different lighting for a cool effect. This would actually be a pretty cool wedding band ring for a geeky guy, especially someone that’s a bit opposed to wearing a ring at all. Oh you don’t want to wear a ring…but what if it was a power ring? Ok then. It also comes with the power symbol in blue, white, black, or green but none of those make for as snappy a post title as a red ring (of death) ;).