Hands-Free Hair Dryer

hands free hair dryer
Why didn’t someone think of this sooner? Dry your hair the easy way with the AirPhysics Hands-Free Hair Dryer. This 1500 watt hair dryer has a freestanding design that rests on any flat surface. The tip is angled slightly to blow the hot air towards you, allowing you to use both hands to style your hair. Ergonomic design is easy on the neck, shoulders and wrists! You can also pick it up like a standard gun-style dryer. Look great, feel smart.


One thought on “Hands-Free Hair Dryer

  1. Some did invent something like this sooner. 🙂 They’re call hands free hair dryer holders. The one I have and like has three little suction cup thingees that let me attach it to the wall or my mirror. Others come with a stand. Honestly, you either love these or hate ‘em. But it can make styling your hair a breeze, if you’ll forgive the pun. All for a fraction of the cost of admittedly sleek looking gadget.

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