Look Good, Store Data with a Comb USB Flash Drive

comb usb flash drive
When you’re living the geek life you’ve GOT to be looking good at all times. I mean let’s face it, there’s only a limited number of available geeky ladies at the various comic book and consumer electronics conventions that are not working there as booth babes. When you come across one of these fine ladies, you want to make sure your fro is in check boo. But you also need to carry around your important files. Well guess what? There’s an app, err.. product (those commercials are catchy, right?) for that- the USB flash drive comb.

It’s the $35 comb and 2GB flash drive you always needed but never knew existed. That seems like a lot of cash for these two items but maybe this is one of those cases where the combination of the two brings SO much more value than just having two separate products that they can charge a premium for it. A $30 premium. Not that I’m an expert on combs, but I’m gonna take a wild guess here and say that this is not a high-end comb, whatever that means. And be careful about getting your hair grease into the flash drive! It’s probably best to not use this comb with wet hair.