Bob Ross Chia Pet

Bob Ross was best known for his calm demeanor, prolific painting skills and of course his perfectly permed hair. The latter of which makes him ideal to be transformed into the Bob Ross Chia Pet. Fun fact: Bob actually had straight hair but had it permed even though he didn’t really like that afro style. He had wanted to save money on haircuts but then it became his trademark and he was basically stuck with it. That’s what we here at Craziest Gadgets like to call, “not a mistake, just a happy accident”. And we’re all better for it.

You could take the Joy of Painting a little literally here and actually paint the planter, or just let it grow out naturally. There’s no incorrect way of painting, just go with how you feel, paint what you want, where you want, how you want. As Bob Ross would say “there’s nothing wrong with having a tree as your friend” (or at least the box quotes him as saying that anyway). And there’s nothing wrong with having a chia as your friend.