Play Music Old School Style with the iRecorder

Relax, are you hungry like the wolf for some cool new gadgets? Well then take on me with the iRecorder. It might take your breath away with it’s old school 80’s tape recorder looks but it’s true colors are that it’s really a kickin’ speaker that will take you to funkytown all night long, all night. Against all odds, instead of a cassette tape, you plug your iPhone into the 3.5mm jack inside the case and rock that foolish beat.
irecorder says relax
Hello, is it a handle you’re looking for? Come on Eileen, the handle on the iRecorder extends out so you can be walking like an Egyptian or flashdancing like a maniac with it. You can have faith faith faith sweet child o’ mine that you don’t need an invisible touch to press the working physical buttons to control your music from 9 to 5 even if you come from the land down under. That’s the power of love- or a few batteries. Sweet dreams are made of this thriller, truly.


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