Programming Code Deck of Cards

code deck
It’s the ultimate set of playing cards for geeks. The code:deck is a set of cards where each card has programming code related to the card on it. There are many different programming languages represented- each card number is a different one. Here’s the full list:

2 – Assembly
3 – Bash
4 – C++
5 – Brainfuck
6 – Python
7 – Objective-C
8 – C#
9 – JAVA
10 – PHP
J – JavaScript

Of course you don’t have to remember all that, as above the code excerpt in the middle of each card it tells you what language it is:
code deck pair
The cards have a sleek modern design and obviously you don’t need to be a web developer to play with them. A group of friends employed in IT came up with the design and are selling the cards. Great for a gift for your programming geek friends and for using up some downtime in the IT room.

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