Vintage Baseball Cards Made into Notepads

Finally a good use for all those 1989 Topps Chris Sabo cards. Erin Zam is making and selling these really solid notepads that would be great for any baseball fan. She takes old 1950’s baseball cards and slices them down the middle so that the front and back of the same card is used as the cover for each notepad. She glues the cards to thicker stock and fills up the pads with varied types of paper to keep it interesting.

White leather straps sewn with red thread keeps the books together and completes the baseball style effect. You can pick one up for $36 if you wish. Now if only I could find a reuse for my pog collection.

3 thoughts on “Vintage Baseball Cards Made into Notepads

  1. She’s converted several hundred dollars worth of baseball cards into a $36 tchotchke. Good work!

    Tomorrow: how to turn a million dollars in real estate into 25 bucks in cash.

    1. true- somewhat. these cards look like they’re in pretty rough condition- that Joe Nuxhall above is worth about $25 in mint and this one has a visible crease.

      She would be a fool not to check the values real quick before cutting them up.

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