Playing Card Holder

playing card band
I don’t know about you but pretty much every deck of cards I’ve ever owned has ended up with a tattered and ripped box. Why do they make the boxes the exact same size as the item that’s supposed to go inside it? Leave a little room will ya? You need the playing card equivalent of the Tokyo subway pusher guys to get your cards back in the box. Riiiiiip. And out of the junk drawer comes the ol’ rubber band. Well there’s a more elegant solution- Hold’em – band for playing cards. It’s a silicone sleeve with a king on it to hold your cards.
playing card holder
You knew this was coming but here goes- Kenny Rogers said you’ve got to know when to hold ’em, and lady, through the years, he’s right. Lucille, decorate your life and your playing cards, don’t be a coward of the country because we’ve got tonight, who needs tomorrow, why don’t you put a band around your playing cards and stay?