Facebook Styled Business Cards

Add me as a friend… to your wallet. Really cool idea to make the Facebook confirm friend page as your business card, especially if you’re in some sort of creative field. If someone at a bank or more serious place gave me their business card and it looked like this, I’d super poke it right into the trash.

via noquedan

7 thoughts on “Facebook Styled Business Cards

  1. I actually don’t think that’s very imaginative as a business card for the creative profession. I think it’ll be a clever card if you were one of the FB developers but aside from that, it’ll make you look amateurish as a creative… or a crazy FB stalker type person whose on there everyday.

  2. Wow, you can also have elegant virtual business cards with catchy URLs on Name.ly. I love them!

  3. Just opened my flashy card on Name.ly. I love WordPress and now it offers so much more functionality and great URLs too!

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