Game of Thrones Map of Westeros 3D Puzzle

game of thrones 3d puzzle
Winter is coming! (Really, it’s pretty cold out there today). For you fans of the epic HBO series we have the ultimate gift- the Game of Thrones 3D Map of Westeros Puzzle. This puzzle is not only huge, it’s triple layered. There’s the huge bottom layer flat map puzzle with 1000 pieces. After you finish that, there’s a 200 piece jigsaw puzzle showing the current land form. On top of that is the 3D landscape and building pieces to place on the board.
game of thrones westeros puzzle
It’s a multi-dimensional, multi-layered puzzle of Westeros. The whole thing measures 30″ x 18″, so clear some table or floor space. It’s like the opening credits of the show, come to life. Get your coppers, stags and dragons ready. Maybe even a glass-topped coffee table to display this bad boy.