MultiAccount Credit Cards

Most people carry around multiple credit cards in their wallets or purses, using them for different types of purchases or switching from one to another as the balances reach their limits. A new type of card called the Dynamics Card 2.0 MultiAccount will allow you to access multiple credit card accounts on a single digital card. The card works with all existing credit card swipe machines. You press the button to pick which account you want to access. The magnetic strip on the back features an advanced technology that makes it programmable and switches to the account you select.

Dynamics will also be demonstrating another card called Hidden (not pictured) that has five buttons on it. Your account number is not shown on the face of the card. You enter a PIN number using the buttons and it reveals your account number and the programmable magnetic stripe (similar to the MultiAccount card) will change to your account so the card can be used. It’s an additional layer of security that makes physically stealing your card worthless unless you have the PIN.

These two cards might be the future of credit cards. They are both as thin as a normal card and with the MultiAccount card you can reduce the number of cards in your wallet by combining them into a single credit card. But I think Hidden has the most potential due to it’s security features; I believe that it will be tricky to get multiple credit cards companies to come on board a single card with their competitors.

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