Screw in the Dark with Add-On LED Tool Lights

add on led tool light
Shine a light exactly where you need it most with these Universal Add-On LED Tool Lights. This bright LED lights connect directly to your tools (or elsewhere) leaving your hands free to actually do the work. Goodbye flashlight in the mouth or awkward headlamp. There are two styles- the magnetic one above and flex band style below:
led tool light
The magnetic style can be attached to your tools via it’s magnet (obviously) or you can use the clip to attach it to your shirt or hat. The flex band style has silicone bands that wrap around any tool or even one of your fingers. The lights weigh just 0.5 and 0.3 ounces. A lot of electric screwdrivers and drills actually have LEDs built it, these lights add that functionality to standard tools. Cool tool.