Multi-Function Pen is 12 Tools in One

That pen above might look like an ordinary pen but it’s actually a Multi-Function Pen concealing 12 different tools within it’s normal pen sized casing. Besides writing in ink, when the pen is unscrewed it reveals a plethora of tools for any handyman, do it yourselfer, or gadget lover on the go:

Inside the pen are a hole punch, short and long cutting blades, wire stripper/nail or staple remover, flathead and Philips screwdrivers, a saw, stainless steel file, scraper, tweezers, and a stainless steel fork. Now obviously this isn’t going to replace your entire tool kit but is your tool kit going to fit inside your glove compartment, pocket protector, or on your desk at work? Buy it now on sale for $11.95 at Convenient Gadgets.

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