Flex USB is a Handy Little Accessory

Sometimes the USB port on your laptop or desktop is just in the wrong spot. Whether the port is in too tight location for the device you are trying to plug in, or you’re trying to use your laptop in a small space like on an airplane, train, or coffeeshop table, you can’t always plug in the USB device you need. There are plenty of USB extenders that have long wires to help you, but if you’re already in tight quarters the last thing you need is a long cord dangling around you gadgets. The Flex USB is a simple solution- it’s a USB extender with a flexible neck. It can adjust + or – 90 degrees in both the vertical and horizontal position and ratchet clicks into position for stability. It’s a small accessory that could prove invaluable if you’re in a tight spot.

2 thoughts on “Flex USB is a Handy Little Accessory

  1. $8 at Amazon is overpriced. I bought a few last year for $1.98 each.

    Search Google for ‘cameramate CM-42000’, it is the same thing.

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