Crab Mate: Crab Shaped Multi-Tool

crab mate
Multi-tools are super handy, so in an ironically cute twist someone has come up with a crab shaped one that doesn’t have any hands. The Crab Mate is a crustacean that can do it all. If by “all” you mean screw driver, hex wrench, pry bar, bottle opener, mini saw box cutter, paracord knotless tie device and key chain. Perhaps you could even use it to open up a real crab?
crab mate multitool
This handy and whimsical tool will come in either stainless steel or titanium with a polished finish. The little crab measures 2.9″ by 2.7″. It’s functional but cool enough looking that you’ll want to keep this little sea creature out on display. Available soon via Kickstarter.