13 Function Tactical Adventure Tool

tactical adventure tool
You can never be too prepared when you’re out in the wild or walking down the mean streets in your hometown. That’s why it’s always good to have some tools on you. The Swiss Army Knife is the original multifunction tool but it is limited in it’s scope of what it can do and might even be (dare I say it?) outdated. And the Leatherman? That’s for people who have a workshop in their garage and wear more gadgets on their belts than Adam West’s Batman.

This 13 Function Tactical Adventure Tool has everything the modern day adventurer needs. Back in my day all we needed was a sextant and a machete but today’s adventurers need more. Get it all on a single carabiner with a compass, whistle, nail file, tweezers, pen, screwdrivers, light, mirror, thermometer, monocular. Yeah I only counted 10 functions too, but I think they count carabining as one and the multiple screwdrivers. Either way, it’s a lot of useful crap in one spot.

The whole thing clips onto your pack or belt loop and has a really modern nice looking style. Unfortunately it’s only available in Australia, as far as I can find. They get all the best stuff in Australia- sharks, koala bears, Hugh Jackman, surfing, cool accents. So if you’re in Australia (or willing to pay for shipping from Down Under) you can buy this at Sunshine Markets for around $10.

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  1. i like this content… but can you please let me know the alternative ways of survival in adventurous place if we don’t have all these kits and gadgets… thanks… expecting reply..

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