Spooklight Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal Brake Light and iPod Charger

Bicycle safety is very important nowadays with all the crazy drivers out on the road. Besides a helmet, one of the most valuable safety devices you can have as a cyclist is a brake light and turn signal. Most turn signals for bikes involve running a long wire from the seat post to the handlebar controls. The Spooklight does away with wires, instead opting for a wireless mode.
The light mounts on your seat post while the three button control panel goes on your handlebars. The Spooklight automatically detects when you are braking via a 3-axis accelerometer. There’s no need to keep batteries for this gadget as there’s a built in lithium polymer battery that charges up via your computer’s USB port.
The Spooklight also can function as an emergency charger for your cellphone or iPod or GPS if you’re totally lost and out of juice. It’s designed to fit most bicycle sizes and comes in a waterproof housing. The control board runs for 10 hours and the lights for 60 hours on one charge. Cost is £54.95 or around $90 US. Available in the UK but it ships worldwide if you’re interested.

50cycles (UK)

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  1. As if those turns signals are far enough off the center axis to be understandable at more than 5 feet distant.

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