ZenWheels Tiny iPhone Controlled R/C Car

There are lots of vehicles you can control with your iPhone (like those helicopter guys in the mall… great job btw) but this has to be one of the smallest and most featured filled one we’ve seen. The ZenWheels R/C Microcar has all the fun and features you’d expect but in a tiny USB chargeable package. The car comes with 10 mini-traffic cones and an electronic timing gate so you can make little racecourses and time yourself.

The free iOS app lets you control the car’s movement as well as the horn, turn signals, hazard lights, head lights, brights, ground effects and an emergency lights and siren. The app even indicates the car’s remaining battery life. Like we said above- fully featured but miniature. Check out the demo video to see how awesome this little r/c car is:

It even works on (most) carpeting, which is good because you don’t want this thing driving off the table. The car measures 2.25″ x 1.25″ x 1.0″ and is controlled by your iPhone, iPod or iPad via Bluetooth and a free app. Each 30-40 minute USB charge gives you 20 minutes of playing time. Comes in white or silver. Really cool and miniature.

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