Hot Chocolate Pouring into a Mug USB Desk Lamp

Have you ever wanted to light up your work area with an endlessly pouring cup of hot chocolate in a cup you design yourself all powered by USB? Well now you can with the USB Chocolight with DIY Cup, one of the weirdest, yet strangely appealing desk lamps we’ve come across so far. Look, it really is a lamp….prepare yourself for…the montage:

Inside that cup is an array of 8 LED lights that are gently powered off your computer via a USB cable (or a pair of AA batteries if you prefer). Here it is, like a unprepared soccer player, without it’s protective cup:

It comes with 3 paper cups, one of which you can design yourself by drawing on it. Presumably you could use any other similar sized cup as well. Now all you need is a pouring sound effect on loop and you’ve got the complete Wonka illusion on your desk.

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