Jet Powered Miniature Monster Truck

It’s the world’s smallest jet powered monster truck! I wasn’t even aware that monster trucks came in any size besides “monster” but Jeff Seymour and Dieter Sturm have hooked a jet engine putting out 160lbs of thrust (when the afterburner! is ignited) at 80,000 rmp (!!!) into a tiny monster truck. Surprisingly they are not using this thing to jet down the highway but have hooked up a smoke machine to the engine so it just scoots around putting out massive amounts of smoke and sounding like a jet airplane. See the action video (without the body, use your imagination):

Personally I was expecting something much much faster, but the serious mobile smoke machine is pretty cool. It needs an oil slick button to go full Spy Hunter though. The Micro Monster Truck is available for parties, tv shoots, and any other occasion you feel the need to rent something like this.

(via hacked gadgets)

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