Smart Car Monster Truck

There’s something to be said for the tight parking ability and good gas mileage of the Smart Car. With the rising cost of fuel, perhaps smaller cars are the future here in the US. But does that mean we should give up on other true American motorsports like monster truck racing? Hell to the no!

Why not just turn your Smart Car into a mini-monster truck. Forget Bigfoot, this is Littlefoot. Why not strap on a set of wheels bigger than the actual car itself and go for a ride offroad through some mud and boulders. It’s done because it can be done, not because it should. Because it definitely should not be done. But it was and here it is (woah I think I just channeled my inner Dr. Seuss with those last few):


3 thoughts on “Smart Car Monster Truck

  1. that is so cool y did you leave the same motor how did you get that litle car to suport then axles and tires thay way twise as much what did you add sub frame and sat the car on it

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