Gluvi is a Jimmy Hat for Your Remote Control

Remote controls are a hotbed for germs (especially in hotels- you should always wipe down your hotel room remote control because even in the cleanest of hotel rooms that’s the one thing they don’t wash). Gluvi is a sanitary solution to those nasty remotes; it’s a condom-like cling wrap specially designed for remotes. The Gluvi site implies that you should buy these and bring them yourself to hotels to slip onto remotes before using. That seems like a lot of effort when you could just wipe down the remote instead. HOWEVER, these could definitely be used for the commercial market and sold to hotel owners. Of course the only thing is that if the hotel staff still doesn’t clean the remote control even with the Gluvi, then what’s the point? They’re also probably good for households with children. Gluvi costs $9.95 each and goes on sale in the next few months.

via chip chick

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