Truck Antlers- Why?!

Why would anyone want to do this to their truck? This is like putting a reindeer costume on a dog at Christmas. It’s just wrong. Hitch Critters Truck Antlers give your truck….wait for… here it comes…you know what I’m gonna say…antlers. Nobody’s going to mistake your truck for a deer and neither will any deer. And these truck antlers make you, the driver, look like an idiot. But to each his own.

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4 thoughts on “Truck Antlers- Why?!

  1. Because we should all look and dress alike. Everyone should appear to be serious, and nothing out of the ordinary should ever occur.

    Thanks, Hitler.

  2. Uh… I think you’re missing the point of the antlers. Its not to disguise your truck. Is that really what you thought? Putting antlers on your truck is to show your interest in the animal or the hunting of the animal.

    read: “Having a sense of humor”

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