iPhone/iPad Charger with Hidden Camera and DVR

This is the stealthiest way to protect your iDevice ever. The charging dock itself has a hidden camera right in the front. The iCharge works with iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Inside the charging stand is a covert hidden camera that records MP4 video with a 450TVL color CCD camera. The AC adapter houses the DVR which records onto SD cards (4GB card included).

The iCharge is motion activated and puts a time and date stamp on every piece of video it records. A cable is included to view the video on your TV if you wish. And yes it does actually charge your iPhone! This $395 device can do more than just catch someone who tries to steal your iPad from the dock (at that price it better!); it can be used as a covert video surveillance camera in your home to keep an eye on babysitters, kids, co-workers, cleaning ladies, pets, contractors, cheating spouses, and more.

Since it’s motion activated and already plugged in to your wall, it can record a LOT of video without having to worry about power or running out of space on the SD card. The best thing about an iPod charger is that it really doesn’t look out of place in any room- living room, bedroom, kitchen, entryway, anywhere (except maybe the dbathroom).

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