Jawcase is a Phone Case and Car Dash Mount

The Jawcase is an interesting new case design for the Droid X and iPhone 4 that allows you to use the case to both protect your phone, as a camera stand and as a car mount. Yes the case is also car mount. The case opens up in a triangular-like manner and forms a wedge between your dashboard and windshield to work as either a dash cam or GPS unit. This makes it easy to move it from car to car (great for rental cars) and you can use your phone in either landscape or portrait mode.

The case was designed by 21 year old Heather Schmidt. It’s made of a high grade poly carbonate plastic and can also be used as a camera or video stand, alarm clock stand, worklight stand using the phone’s LED light, and as an ID card holder. The Droid X version can also hold the extended battery and an SD card. Here’s a video of Heather talking about and showing you the Jawcase in action (click the Kickstarter link above if you can’t see the video):

That’s a real versatile case that combines several different types of accessories into one. The project is in the pre-production stages and they are on Kickstarter looking for help to get this funded and produced. You can also follow the Jawcase’s progress on Facebook and their website.

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  1. The jawcase looks great…I tried to look it up on amazon as was suggested on the jawcase.com site when I googled it. Amazon couldn’tfind it on their site. How much are they and exactly how do I order one for the droid x?

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