Magnetic Light Switch Cover Key Holder

Well here’s a really simple yet useful idea put into practice- a magnetic light switch cover. Fits over standard sized switch plates. When you enter your home, just flick the light on and stick your keys right on the switch cover. Designed by Jake Frey, it’s a smart $24 upgrade to your current switch covers. Many people put key holders on their walls right next to their light switches anyway, so this can save some space and neaten up your entry wall.

(via holycool)

One thought on “Magnetic Light Switch Cover Key Holder

  1. On 8-3-11, you profiled my product NeoCover, the magnetic light switch cover. Since then, I have redesigned my product and just launched an enhanced version.

    I’ve gotten some good press recently and would love to have you update your posting. Check out

    I’d be happy to provide spome updated information and pictures.

    Thanks for supporting an Industrial Design student (just graduating) and an aspiring inventor. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Jake Frey

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