Griffin MouthStick Stylus Makes Tablets Accessible

Using an iPad can be an incredibly useful tool but for those with limited mobility in their arms it might as well be a television. The Griffin MouthStick Stylus is a mouth held stylus with a conductive rubber tip that lets the motor disabled use touchscreen interfaces on smartphones and tablet devices, the keys on laptop keyboards, and Apple’s Magic Trackpad.

What makes the Griffin MouthStick unique compared to other mouthsticks is the flexible gooseneck shaft. Most other ones are a straight stick design. The user can adjust the tip to an angle that’s most natural and comfortable. Everything is hygienic (BPA-free removable y-shaped mouthpiece, food grade stainless steel) and designed for maximum user comfort, stability and control. The MouthStick was just announced and will be available sometime in the Spring at a reasonably price of $29.99.