Lando Disguise: Works Every Time

If you’re looking to alter your appearance in order to help a guy who nearly hooked up with his sister rescue a cocky smuggler pilot from an overweight sloth-like gangster who listens to weird music, then the Lando Calrissian Disguise (the Star Wars Shop closed- check eBay to buy it) is what you’re looking for. I might be mixing up my Billy Dee Williams roles here but this thing “works every time”. But it’s not enough just to look like Lando, you’re gonna want to smell like him too so you’re going to need:

Yep, it’s Exclusive Men’s Eau Lando Cologne complete with cape. Now you can smell like Billy Dee WIlliams, which I imagine is a bit like malt liquor combined with Wookiee sweat. Eau indeed.

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