Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener

han solo in carbonite bottle opener
Polo. Or should we say “Solo”? Confused? We’re answering the bottle cap above. That said, there’s no cooler way to open up a bottle than with a Han Solo in Carbonite bottle opener. Han made the ultimate sacrifice so you could open a frosty beverage; because you can’t open a bottle with a floppy smuggler. Trust us, we tried. So he’s frozen in carbonite for you. Actually he’s made of metal. Let’s see him in action:
han solo opening sammy smith
That my friends would be a Samuel Smith beer. Someone obviously has good taste in both openers and beer. A person of distinction. Anywho, this bottle opener actually has a pair of magnets on the back so you can keep Han on your fridge or trophy room (or fridge in your trophy room, baller). He measures about 4″ long and is always ready to crack open a cold one. What’s that Lando? You recommend a Colt 45? Works every time you say? Officially licensed.