Smoking Machine Does the Smoking for You

The Smoking Machine by Kristoffer Myskja takes a cigarette from it’s pile of smokes, lights it up, “smokes” it, then disposes of the cigarette butt. It’s like smoking for robots I guess. The machine uses a set of gears to move the cigarette into the smoking tube. The cigarette is lit mechanically, a set of gears continues to turn and pull air through the smoking cigarette and then the finished butt and ashes are pushed off the machine onto the floor. Check out the weird video:

If anyone has any sort of idea what this could possibly be used for, please leave a comment because I’m stumped.

via pietmondriaan

7 thoughts on “Smoking Machine Does the Smoking for You

  1. Actually I can see this thing appearing in the next Sherlock Holmes’ movie. Holmes was intrigued with forensic science long before it was to become a true field of study. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle fascination with forensic including trace evidence at the time. So this would be an interesting Steampunk looking item if the do decide to have a sequel to the first film.

    Secondly, this would an interesting item for a Steampunk fan as its an art deco piece that would actually be used to light up and start a cigarette for someone to smoke in a club or scenester to use. I could see this put into a Steampunk style film or show as well.

  2. The only thing I can think of that would be an actual use is an overly complicated cigarette shaped incense burner.

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