Self Leveling Tripod

The Acadalus self leveling tripod makes it super simple to get a nice level shot. Sure it’s not terribly difficult to line up a bubble leveled tripod to get the camera straight but why is this a function that we need to do? This is for the most part a purely mechanical aspect of setting up your camera so why not have a machine do it for us?

The Acadalus, which is technically a camera head and not a tripod, is simple to use- just push the button. An internal inclinometer adjusts the camera so it’s perfectly level. If you want to manually adjust it from there (to get those teenager style diagonal shots perhaps?) you just use the arrow keys. It can level your camera virtually instantly ensuring you don’t miss the shot you’re setting up. It can also level the camera in the dark which might come in handy.

This is a professional level tool, ie it costs $5000. Although I suspect that some dude with an iPhone and an arduino with some electronic know-how could probably create something like this using for 1/50 of that cost.

via crunchgear