Inflatable Salad Bar

If you’re anything like me then you often find yourself in scenarios where you need to set up an extensive salad bar and then quickly take it down and make the whole setup disappear as if it was never there. Perhaps you live in a land where salad is a contraband item and you need to hide your veggie eating ways from the police. I don’t know but I can think of hundreds of reasons why you’d need an Inflatable Salad Bar not the least of which is that you can fill it up with ice and beer and then not have bend over into a cooler to grab a brewski.

If you’re only going to buy one inflatable this summer, make it one of those realistic looking inflatable blonde women advertised in the back of those magazines. But if you’re going to buy two, get the salad bar too. Maybe you’ll slim down a bit and you can secure yourself a non-inflatable girlfriend and then impressive her with your leafy eating ways and fake yoga moves.

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